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Thursday, February 9, 2012

When it rains... pours.

After fretting so much about the title of first Gunpowder Fantasy novel - how much of the plot to give away with the name, how to tie it to the relevant part of the story, etc - I finally decided on "The Cerberus Rebellion".

It makes it clear what the book is going to focus on without giving away too much.

Soon after, the titles for the subsequent parts of the series and even a strong candidate for Series Name have emerged.

My current leader for series name is Griffins and Gunpowder:(Insert Book Name Here)

And for book names I'm looking at using the sigil of each house as the focal point for the book and having that house do a lot of the work.

The only thing that has to be settled is the sigil of a major house. I was going to have their sigil be a great-eagle but I couldn't find a solid phrase that would work for a title.

So now I'm leaning towards tiger or great-boar.

The problem also arises that if I can't get everything done in my planned stretch I'm going to run out of houses to focus on and will have to break my convention. But I suppose that I'll build that bridge if it cones to it.

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