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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Getting the Ball Rolling

And by "Ball" I mean Advertising/Buzz.

While The Cerberus Rebellion may only be half-done, it is fully on track for a late August release. And as I look around at the various book blogs and advertising venues, it's easy to see that now is the time for me to get going on my advertising.

I've already schedule an Author Interview on Two Ends of the Pen that will be posted September the 14th. I've also put in an email to the Kindle Fire Department to see if they do scheduling that far ahead.

I'm looking into sites where I might be able to do an interview before my book is published as a way to garner some new followers but I'm thinking that it may be best to wait until it's ready to sell before I get too much attention.

Anyways, when do you start your promoting for a new book? And do you have any suggestions for sites or blogs to talk to about an author interview or feature piece?

Any advice would be great!

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