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Monday, January 9, 2012

Gunpowder Fantasy

So after doing a little bit of research, I have discovered that I'm not the only person writing "Gunpowder Fantasy." That is: fantasy set in a world that includes gunpowder and it's associated weaponry but does not focus on steam-power or other elements typical of a "steampunk" novel.

Some previous work in this area includes Winter Wolves (Amazon link) and The Black Prism (Wiki link).

It doesn't seem to be a particularly expansive sub-genre (a google search really only turned up these two links). However, I'm definitely going to continue on my current path and work in this sub-genre with my Yet-To-Be-Named-Novel.

And as for YtbNN, it decided to throw me a curveball and adjust the plot-line, leaving around 30,000 words that need to be adjusted to fit the new pace of the plot. And as I was reworking the plot I realized that the way that my world was set up wasn't going to work either. So I've remapped the world, twice.

On this current world, I've added another two major nations and a handful of city-states that are currently just going to be secondary background work (who knows, maybe they'll play a major part later).

My overall plot for Book 1 is still intact, however, and as I work through it I will be working on the overall plot for the series and on Book 2 as well.


  1. Are you classifying all pirate fantasies, and other fantastic stories from the Age of Exploration, separately? It seems that genre might be the classic form of gunpowder fantasy.

    Also, where would dark romanticism fit into this? Is the Legend of Sleepy Hollow a gunpowder fantasy?

    1. I would say that most pirate fantasies and other Age of Exploration fantasies would better fall under the Historical Fantasy category.

      The primary difference being that they use our own world as setting and history and add fantastical details from there.

      I would say that there would be other works that could arguably be in the Gunpowder Fantasy subgenre as a secondary category but better fit someplace else as a primary category.

      Thanks for the comment!