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Friday, November 11, 2011


So I've read several different blogs on the benefits of Plotting (or Outlining) vs Organic Flow. 

Personally, I'm very much a Plotter. I like to lay out my full story ahead of time so I have a guidepost to go on. It's mostly just ideas that I've had ahead of time that I want to make sure I get back around to. Now, that isn't to say that I strictly adhere to my plot and leave out any chance of Organic Flow. Quite the contrary, my in depth plots tend to spark organic flow as I look to them for guidance. 

I've been thinking about how far ahead I should plot. So far with my current world, a sort of Gunpowder and Sorcery Fantasy, I've chapter-by-chapter plotted out the full first novel. But I've also come up with several significant plot points that I will be working into later installments of this series. 

I also have a general idea of where I want the novel to end.

I've considered going through and fully plotting out two or three novels ahead in chapter-by-chapter form, but I think that until I get through Novel 1, I won't be positive where I want to take certain aspects of the following novels.

Do you plot ahead, or are you an organic flow person? And if you do plot, is it just a general outline or in depth chapter by chapter ideas?

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